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Kogan was already displaying more than 800 Black Friday deals today, many including free shipping. In what may be the last record year for Kogan their founders sold mass shares last month. 3 million shares were traded before the market opened at $4.25 each, and Shafer accounted for the 2.35 million shares that were sold at the same price – netting them more than $22 million.

In what must be a hard time to strategize in the face of the new giant on the block their Black Friday offerings so far have been a mixed bag of daily deal offers with a few loss leaders.

Still Kogans buying power, existing logistical expertise and Australian market experience put them in a strong position to capitalize on sales for this year at least. As of writing Amazon Australias site still showed a confusing splattering of Books for sale.

Any sane marketing team would have put a counter on the site but Amazon is still mired in their on again off again opening date secret. Its marketing bungles like this that will give local retailers some breathing space while Amazon discovers new things about the Australian marketplace such as Australia Posts ambivalence regarding delivery times and an Employment rights environment that is a little stricter than that of the United States where some Amazon workers have felt forced to live in their cars outside the Amazon centers.

Kogans Black Friday deals can be found at this link… https://www.kogan.com/au/c/black-friday/  As for Amazon .. try back later.

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