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Elon Musk To Fight Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk To Fight Mark Zuckerberg In Cage Match

The two billionaires who own two of the world’s most famous companies are in talks about a possible matchup. It could take place at the Colosseum, or even a UFC cage fight!

Dana White, the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship received a message last month after Elon Musk had challenged Mark Zuckerberg to a ” cage match”.

Zuckerberg was the chief executive officer of Meta. He asked Mr. White who is the head of the world’s mostMark Zuckerberg In Bullet Proof Vest prestigious mixed martial arts competition which takes place in cage-like rings if Mr. Musk meant it.

Mr. White confirmed his willingness to fight by calling Mr. Musk who runs Tesla and SpaceX. Mr. White relayed this information to Mr. Zuckerberg. In response, Mr. Zuckerberg responded on Instagram with “Send me Location,” a play on Khabib Numagomedov’s catchphrase, which is one of U.F.C.’s most decorated athlete.

White has said that he’s spoken to each of the tech billionaires individually every night since then to plan the showdown. White said that he spoke with the two tech billionaires until 12:30 am on Tuesday. He also added, “They want to do this.”

Musk replied to this article with two words, “Vegas Octagon,” and then tweeted, “I have a great move I call “The Walrus,” where I simply lie on top of an opponent and do nothing.

“Not holding my breathe,” said Zuckerberg, in a post on Threads on Sunday that included a screen shot of Musk’s tweet on X / Twitter regarding lifting heavy weights for preparation.

Musk posted late Sunday night that he might need surgery and would have a neck MRI and an upper back MRI before possibly canceling the fight date.

In response to Musk’s post that the fight would be ” streamed live on X ” with proceeds going to veterans charity, Zuckerberg responded saying that they should use ” a more reliable platform which can actually raise money to charity.”

Elon Musk To Fight Mark Zuckerberg

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