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Giving your backyard a cheap and cheerful makeover

If your backyard is looking more like an abandoned jungle (thanks to fewer woollen friends) than entertainment or play area for the kids, it might be sign you’re due for a makeover. You don’t have to go on a backyard blitz to make your backyard work for you instead of looking like an eyesore. Here are some tips to give your backyard a cheap and cheerful makeover that’ll look a million bucks.

Plant a garden

If there’s a huge swathe of unused space in your backyard, you might want to invest in planting fruit and vegetable garden with a few flowers for added flair. Use a fence to have flowers and veges resting against it for a rustic look. It only costs a few dollars’ worth of seeds, some digging, fertiliser, and watering. Easy peasy!

Hang a hammock

Got two trees? Then you’ve got space for a hammock. Even if you don’t have two trees or posts, you can purchase self-standing hammocks for lazing about summer or spring days. Online retailers usually sell them, as well as most hardware stores.

Install a small shed

If your inside is cluttered or you don’t know where to put all your tools, you may want to upgrade your shed with something new or improved. A small 2x2m or 4x4m kit can store a lot of your stuff or serve as a playroom for kids or as a small workbench. Note that sheds larger than 10x10m will likely need council approval and professional construction – but these smealler ones you can knock up in an afternoon. 

Add a few outdoor furniture pieces

Create an instant outdoor entertainment area by placing some furniture under the patio or among your trees. If you don’t have trees, don’t sweat it – you can put up a marquee or shadecloth to keep people cool. A few wicker or plastic couches, tables, and chairs make a real difference to your home! Optional for winter: buying an outdoor space heater.

Create tree garlands

Hanging string lights or garlands in your trees or awnings gives your backyard a whimsical glow in the summertime and will wow guests – and their kids – alike. A few fairy lights or lanterns can also distract from mozzie zappers or traps, too! Opt for solar or battery powered lights to save a bit of money over time.

Other quick ideas

Other quick and easy ideas to beautify your backyard is to plant hanging flowers from trees; install a small swing for kids or adults; plant some well-manicured shrubs to create a sense of depth; put in a low-maintenance pond that doesn’t require plumbing; build a small gazebo instead of a shed (as always, check with the council before you start); or install a stone path with larger feature rocks for a Zen garden style look.

There’s no shortage of looks you can create just by browsing your local hardware or landscaping store – and they can add tremendous value to your home in both aesthetics and sale price. It just takes a bit of creativity, planning, and hard work!

Giving your backyard a cheap and cheerful makeover
Giving your backyard a cheap and cheerful makeover

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