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Chapel Street Crime On The Rise

Chapel Street Crime On The Rise With More Injuries And Fatalities

Chapel street is one of Melbourne’s most fun streets with a lot of amazing bars, restaurants and clubs. Several clubs attract a lot of unwanted attention from people who party on throughout the night and into the next days. With so much alcohol and substance abuse, this sometimes leads to arguments, aggression and fights. Security and police do their best to contain this but the problems are increasing.

Examples from a recent spate of crime.


Melbourne Chapel Street: Man found dead

The death of a 30-year-old man found bleeding in Melbourne’s Chapel Street is investigated by police.

12th Jan 2020

Video captures a’sickening’ attack on a popular Melbourne restaurant strip

13th March 2023

It was pretty awful, in fact.

A video has captured the horrific moment when a young boy was hit in the back of his head in a busy restaurant strip on Melbourne’s southeast.

On Saturday, at around 3am, a violent attack took place on Chapel St in Prahran.

A group of men, women and children are seen gathered together on a road. A fight seems to break out between several men.

A young man gets punched from behind in the head by a man who walks casually away.

The victim is motionless and lying on the ground.

Len Scott witnessed the events leading up to the accident as he completed his work on Saturday.

Scott said, “There were men tearing off their shirts, and women crossing the street.”

It was awful. “It wasn’t good.”

Matt Cronin’s son Pat, who was killed by a single-punch attack on Chapel St in 2016, called the incident “scary”.

Cronin stated that “the punch that was thrown to Pat two hours after the incident was enough for him to fracture his head.”

Melbourne terror attack: Good Samitarians attacked on Chapel Street

March 6, 2023

A group of men is wanted by police after a man was brutally attacked for trying to intervene during an attack on a busy strip of nightclubs.

A group of men is wanted by the police after an innocent man was assaulted while he tried to stop a violent attack on a popular strip.

Police say that chaos broke out at the corner of Chapel Street and Victoria Street in Windsor, Melbourne on Saturday, 12 February, when the 37-year old victim was walking to his home at 5:50am.

The man reported to officers that he had seen a group assaulting a man in the vicinity and, upon entering, he was attacked.

The victim is said to have been pushed down to the ground, and then kicked multiple times in the head.

The offenders fled northbound on Chapel Street.

The victim was admitted to hospital for facial injuries and concussion.

Four men have been identified by investigators as possible witnesses to their inquiries.

Chapel Street Crime On The Rise

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