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Australia’s top 15 E-Commerce sites for 2017 vs Amazon, how will they fair?

1: Kogan

Top of the heap this year but with Amazon’s Entry into the Australian Market this is bound to change come 2018

Kogan Logo

2: Temple & Webster

Temple & Webster’s subscriber model may insulate them from Amazon’s entry.

Temple & Webster Logo

3: Catch of the Day

With a loyal base and a dopamine inducing model catch of the day will survive Amazon’s retail attack for now.

Catch Logo

4: The Iconic

Even with its Huge social media following The Iconic is still vulnerable to Amazons attack.

The Iconic Logo

5: JB Hi-Fi

Watch out JB Hi-Fi your online store can expect a crushing over the coming years as Amazon eats away at your base.

JB Hi-Fi logo

6: Booktopia

We hope Booktopia has a comprehensive defense strategy because a Lion just turned up and want to eat its kitty food too.

Booktopia Logo

7: Red Balloon

This little gem will be a sure survivor, having already sold more than a million experiences to Australians and New Zealanders that’s about a million more than Amazon has.

Red Balloon Logo

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