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Victoria Police Water Police has identified a new danger on Port Phillip Bay: social media.
One woman who was browsing Facebook late on Monday is fortunate to still be alive.

The woman, who was engrossed on social media while walking along St Kilda Pier at 11.30pm, walked into the icy bay waters after she fell off the pier.

The police were rushed on the scene by a quick-thinking witness.

Water police officers were able, with the help of uniformed members from St Kilda, to rescue the woman who was stranded in the water.

She was about 20 metres away from the St Kilda Pier.

The woman was believed to not be able to swim.

The woman was treated at the hospital.

No lost property report will be required as the woman held on to her phone during the whole ordeal.

Status update OMG one step too far

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