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The Liberals went to the election promising more affordable child care, but the Government’s own figures released today show a massive increase in the cost of child care for millions of families since the 2013 election.

The figures reveal that a family on an income of $155,000 a year are, on average, paying an extra $7400 for child care under Turnbull’s Liberals.

The Liberals’ own election policy document promised:

“The Coalition will help ensure that child care is more accessible, affordable and flexible for Australian parents.”


Instead, families have been hit with rising out-of-pocket costs and a shambolic approach to improving child care affordability.

“Families have every right to be angry,” Shadow Minister for Early Education, Kate Ellis said today.

“Families are paying the price of the Government’s inaction, as child care eats up more and more of the family budget under the Liberals.

“This Government is set to go a full term without doing a single thing to help families with the costs of child care, and this simply isn’t good enough.

“Under the Liberals, you will pay more – more for child care, more for education, more for Medicare.”

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