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Woman Comes Home To Find ‘Pole-Dancing’ Koala

This koala has serious skills.

Nikki Erickson posted a few pictures on Facebook last year of the gray-furred intruder who had managed to walk in through an opened door, and climb up a pole in her South East Queensland home, Australia.

Erickson also posted a clip of a koala climbing the pole. However, the settings for that post only made the videoWoman Comes Home To Find 'Pole-Dancing' Koala visible to her Facebook friends. She told The Huffington Post via Facebook. Recently, pole dancer Michelle Shimmy requested that Erickson make the video available to the public, so she could share the video on Facebook.

Shimmy described it as “one of most beautiful pole performances she has ever seen” when she shared the throwback video. This week, multiple news outlets have written about the “pole dancing koala”.

Erickson, despite the fact that the koala is talented, realized it did not belong at her house. She contacted the Daisy Hill Conservation Park in Queensland to have the koala released back into the wild. Erickson named the koala “Larissa”. 

Erickson stated that they released her after ensuring she was in good health. They sent him an email to let me be aware of this the next day. 

While this story is a happy one, the fact that more koalas are showing up in Australian homes indicates a conservation issue. As young koalas try to establish their territory, humans get in the way.

According to the Armidale Express, in June, Simone Aurino from the Hunter Koala Preservation Society said that “Finding koalas in homes has become more common as there is less connectivity in habitat.”

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