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New Amazon retailers are seeking clarification from Amazon today regarding a email they received which mentions both GST and VAT. One retailer questioned if Amazon knew which country they were ‘maybe’ Launching in on Thursday.

To prepare for the launch of the Amazon Marketplace in Australia we will start an internal testing phase with a small number of customers on Thursday 23 November 2017, 2pm AEST. Once you have passed Seller Identity Verification you will be part of this testing phase and you should be prepared to receive orders from this point onward.

As your products will be able to be purchased, please make sure your pricing and stock is up-to-date and that you have completed:
1. Shipping settings
2. Your ABN/VAT/GST Number
3. Bank account details

If you do not wish to participate in this testing phase you have the option of setting your seller account temporarily to inactive in Seller Central (Settings > Account info > Listing Status > Going on a vacation).

In the lead up to the launch of Amazon in Australia we will provide updates via email regularly. Please make sure you read these emails as they contain important information. Please remember all information you receive is confidential.

Another retailer who declined to be named out of fear of persecution from “big brother Amazon” said “We’ve got enough bloody tax here without Amazon making up overseas taxes for us!” In addition to the GST that Amazon will be collecting from Australian retailers, some who say they will be “forced to use their rip off platform” will be “smacked” with a 6 to 15 percent Amazon commission and be made to send their stock to Amazon to then on ship to their customers.

Despite the Animosity that some retailers feel, Amazon credits itself with making many millionaires.

In the coming year as bricks and mortar retailers come to terms with the new giant on the block many will see a further 5% decline in foot traffic. Retailers who have unique or exclusive products can consider selling their products on the Amazon platform in addition to other channels such as their website however retailers who are reliant on imported Chinese products may well find themselves competing directly with China. In the United States many of Amazons retailers are the Chinese manufacturers who utilize Amazon’s logistics and warehousing to peddle their goods direct to the consumer.

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